A Review of GPS Navigation Software

Review of GPS Navigation Software Programs

Having GPS satellite navigation in your life will cure all of your travel woes in one fell swoop. GPS allow you to know exactly where you are on the planet to within a few meters and on top of that virtually every system will allow you to plan routes between multiple destinations, taking all of the stress and the aggravation of map reading out of the question, whether you`re alone or with a friend or spouse. Modern GPS satellite navigation systems go further than just giving directions as local landmarks and point of interest will be available, and information on hotels and cab firms should also be a few screen touches away. Even mobile devices are being sold with GPS built in so that mobile phones can once more take on the massive multi-tasking role in your life. GPS isn`t just for drivers as it can prove invaluable for those who`re into outdoor pursuits, whether it`s a spot of light rambling or some serious mountaineering.

Top GPS Navigation Software Programs

  • Anquet Mapping Software - The variety of mapping software available from Anquet is for an UK user fairly exhaustive. If you want complete UK coverage then their 1:25000 scale map package will suit you well. For more detailed mapping the Landranger series of software, available on a variety of mediums, will also suit. There`s even an Anquet National Parks Explorer series available to give you unrivalled detail of areas of exquisite natural beauty and unrivalled topographical interest. Anquet mapping software is compatible with a wide variety of GPS systems, but it`s best to check to make sure that your unit is compatible before you make a purchase.
  • Memory Map Navigation Software - For a more immersive GPS experience you might choose from Memory Map`s range of GPS navigation software. Their packages are all about planning routes to perfection, but also give the user the ability to fly through the route in full 3D before you set off, giving you a far fuller idea of the kinds of things you may encounter on the journey. Using Ordinance Survey data you`ll have all of the information available on paper, but this time fully customisable to suit your tastes. You could map out and define your most regularly traversed pathways with your home as head quarters, or expand your horizons further. Memory Map is all about user customisation, and there are map packs to suit most needs.¬†Whether you`re holidaying in¬†lightweight tents or strolling to and from the pub there`s GPS satellite navigation software to suit you.

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