GPS Cable Troubleshooting - Windows Vista and Seven

If you cannot get your GPS to connect to your PC, this procedure will help you check if your cable is working ok.

Note that this procedure is for Windows Vista or later using Tera Term.


To download Tera Term go to


Click on the "Tera Term" link. Once on this page, you will need to accept the Terms and conditions.

And Click the download button which looks like this



Once you have downloaded the file, execute it and install Tera Term

After you have done this, open Tera Term, which is in Start Menu, All Programs, Tera Term. If you left click on the icon called Tera Term


Start Menu

You will now see a screen like this one

Tera Term Setup

Select Serial and go to the Port box. Select the comm. port which is described as “Prolific USB-to-serial Comm Port”. Note that if you are using one of the all in one cables, the comm. port will be named “Silicon Labs CP210x UART Serial Bridge” The above example is when you are using a serial cable and a USB adaptor.

Next you will need to go to the “Setup” Menu and select “Comm Port”. You will now see a screen like this

Tera Term Port Setup

Note that the port number may differ on your PC, don’t worry about this. Set all the other parameters as they are above and click on OK

Connect your GPS using the data cable. Now you need to make sure that your GPS protocol is set to NMEA. If you are using a Garmin eTrex GPS, then this will typically be under “Setup” then “Interface”, as per the following screen shots




Once you have done this, you should now see data coming into the Tera Term window like this

If this is the case, then your cable is working.

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