USB GPS Cable Installation - Windows XP

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Note that this setup proceedure applies to our Garmin eTrex USB Cables, which contain a FTDI USB - Serial Converter. Please note that no diver CD is supplied with these cables as the driver is installed automatically. This procedure covers Windows XP. 

Please insert the cable into a free USB port. Once the drivers are installed, you will need to identify which port number your cable has been allocated. To do this open up your control panel - Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel.


You are now looking for an icon called "System", which in the example above, it is in the
second bottom line. If you double click this you will now see a screen like this

If you click on the "Hardware" tab, you will now get something like this


If you now click on "Device Manager", this will open up a screen like this

 Windows Control Panel

Under "Ports", there should be a device called "USB Serial Comm Port"

(Com X) - com 4 in the example above. The X is the comm port number.
If you now connect your GPS to the cable, and go to the menu page of your GPS, which
should look like this (Note that this is a Garmin eTrex Legend setup screen – yours may differ


If you now go to the setup icon on the screen and click on the mouse pointer.

Then click on the “Interface” icon. You should now see a screen similar to this. You need to
set the Serial Interface Setting to “Garmin”

 If you see "Garmin", you GPS is set correctly. If not, please change this setting to "Garmin"

Now if you open the software which you are going to transfer data to and from your GPS – eg
Anquet, Memory Map, Fugawi – you should look for a menu called “GPS”. This should open a
dialogue box which asks you what type of GPS you have and also what comm. port it is
attached to. If you choose the comm. port number you found in your PC device manager. All
being well, the software should now be talking to your GPS.

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