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Online PR News – 04-February-2015 – Kemnay, Scotland – A leading supplier of Garmin GPS navigation and mapping software, topographic maps, GPS accessories and interface cables, Nav-e-gate4less recently released PC cable for Garmin eTrex series and Geko 201 and 301. It is a Garmin equivalent ePlug cable and needs a serial port on a PC. It can also be used in conjunction with a USB-Serial Adaptor.

The eTrex/Geko cables can be used to transfer waypoints, routes, maps or for live GPS tracking by combining it with GPS mapping software such as AeroPlanner, EasyGPS, Mapsource, Memory Map, Microsoft Autoroute, Fugawi etc.

The cable will attach with most Garmin eTrex GPS's, with the exception of the new Garmin Legend or Vista C GPS, which comes with USB Port only. The company also provides USB cables for models having just USB port only such as the Garmin Legend or Vista C GPS.
Nav-e-gate4less has been dealing in an extensive range of Garmin GPS Mapping software, topographic maps, GPS accessories, interface cable, handlebar mounts and more. Owing to their expertise in mapping software, they had acquired Design Rights (Certificate No 002425876-001) for connectors in Europe. Design Rights have been applied for in the USA and Canada. The company offers huge discount on the entire range of GPS software. They are currently offering Garmin eTrex/Geko PC cable at an exceptionally low launch price (£12.00).

Nav-e-gates4less has been a certified seller on eBay since 2002. Garmin MapSource Topo SD Card offered by them is known for providing a highly detailed topographical map of Southern England & Wales. Known for offering top-most quality GPS interface cables and accessories, their products are widely preferred by mountain trekkers and regular campers.

About Nav-e-gates4less

Based in United Kingdom, Nav-e-gate4less is one of the leading suppliers of GPS Navigation and Mapping Software along with GPS accessories such as GPS handlebar mounts and GPS cables. The company deals in a vast range of Garmin topographic maps, Garmin GPS mapping software, accessories such as GPS bike mounts, interface cables, and GPS handlebar mounts.

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